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College Pathways is a K – 12 program designed to work with elementary and middle school students to prepare them for high school, and provides high school students motivation, academic and social support to graduate from high school and complete a program of post-secondary education.

Students Benefit from:

  • Development of critical thinking skills and personal goal setting

  • Individual attention and strong social support

  • Encourage rigorous courses and high expectations

  • Parent engagement to increase support for students and to increase parents’ access to K-12 educational outcomes and college information

  • Strong academic and social support through peer mentors and networking

  • Service to the Community

  • Financial Aid and Scholarships

The Foundation's long term goal is to prepare every child with the tools and resources they need to successfully attend college and to award every graduating student from Edgewood High School a scholarship to a postsecondary learning institution. 

Start Today!

Learn more about how your student can participate in the College Pathways programs.  Today's learning opportunities will increase post-secondary success.  Click on elementary school, middle school, and high school. 

To register your child for the College Pathway Program complete attached form with child's name, address and your email.  In the comments section include your child's school and grade.




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